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A green team of highly experienced people who are only satisfied by the perfect product of their labors.

Redline Building Services is a highly experienced construction company based in London. We offer specialist construction on custom builds. Our team has vast commercial and industry knowledge with a strong team spirit. Our objective is to deliver projects to our clients within budget, on time and safely.

Our Approach

Depending on the project, we design and build, but also team up with architects throughout London. We will see your project through to a perfect finish with the help of our trusted sub-contractors. We have experience in submitting plans to local authorities and getting consent even in borderline cases. Redline Building Services is the crucial link between the creative and construction process and our professional attitude will ensure a smooth delivery of the project.


We do all we can to ‘save the planet’. We use environmentally sustainable products and deal with waste cleanly and economically. This is not always easy especially in the building trade but we are conscious of our responsibilities and our contribution to a greener world.

Our Team

We look after our staff and subcontractors to get the best out of them. And we deliver! That’s why we’ve worked hard to make Redline Building Services a safe, enjoyable and creative working environment on site. Contact Us


It is no exaggeration to describe Ben’s approach to work as the first in and last to leave. Ben, originally from Australia, has brought his antipodean attitude and experience to this country since the start of this century. He is a multi-talented carpenter who has worked on everything from complete house renovations to yoga studios. He works to the ethos that he ‘likes to get things done’. He has now developed his knowledge and skills in the construction industry to run a successful construction company. Ben has been able to turn what looks like an un-loveable property into a beautiful family home, a derelict 70’s office space into a modern urban working environment.