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West London, Residential Renovations & Extension

In the heart of West London, our latest project unfolds—a complete metamorphosis of a property that now stands as a testament to modern opulence. The canvas of this transformation extends beyond conventional norms, marked by a distinctive circular rear extension that redefines architectural boundaries.

Imagine entering a 3.4-meter circular room, an unconventional marvel seamlessly integrated into the property’s fabric. This daring design choice not only captures contemporary allure but also preserves a timeless charm that transcends trends.

Guided by the expertise of our trusted associates at HS Wood Flooring, the vision materialised with the installation of an exquisite oak floor. Picture the precision of craftsmanship as the oak embraces the curvature, creating an ambiance that marries warmth with visual grandeur.

This project is more than a renovation; it’s a narrative of inventive design and flawless execution. From meticulous planning to collaborative craftsmanship, every detail tells a story of transformation and sophistication.

Welcome to a home where every step taken is a dance on oak, where the circular extension isn’t just a structure but a poetic embodiment of limitless design possibilities across West London’s ever-evolving landscape.

The Magic Circle
Architectural Brilliance, a view from outside
From Concept to Reality
Precision in Every Detail
Every Step, Every Curve
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