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Shoreditch. Sound Studio

The old warehouse had been neglected for some years and, though in a rough condition, was of a solid construction.

The client, a breakaway from another established studio, saw the potential in the building for his professional purposes.

Sound studios need specialist construction. The rooms have to be soundproof; that means blocking any exterior sounds coming in and preventing extraneous noise when recording. When done properly, there is an eerie sensation of a sonic vacuum. When you speak your voice seems to fall directly to the floor.

So much for the technicalities. The building needed a facelift inside and out to attract business. The raw brickwork was cleaned; soundproof walls were built and some of the larger taps, pipes and valves retained as sculptures.

Colours applied to the walls and the construction of a well-designed wooden reception desk gave the studio a purpose-built relevance in this age of technology. The old building has come alive.

The past becomes art
Interior Fit-Outs
Contemporary elegance
The art of lighting
A stylish reception
Making a feature of necessity